Day Trips ex Christchurch

Various, each tour has its details



Various, each tour has its details

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This is a list of day trips. Please ensure you enquire about availability.


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With tours departing from the Elms Papanui, please note that you are not able to park on the Elms property itself. Most of the trips are on a Saturday which means parking is available more readily on the streets around the Elms.The coach will typically leave from the Elms property, but if the driveway is full of coaches we will depart across Papanui Road outside Animates.

Our recommendation is you arrive 15 minutes before the above departure times.


Payment required one month prior to day trip departure. You will be given a booking number which is an indicator we have you booked in our system.

Upcoming Trips to Mt Cook, Mesopotamia and others. Keep an eye on this page